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Evasione dallo zoo


Regno Unito, luglio 2016

Condotta la sera prima a continuare la sua vita in reclusione in uno zoo nel Devon, una lince chiamata Flaviu è riuscita a evadere rosicchiando un muro. È tuttora latitante.

QUI la notizia

Stock picture of a lynx similar to the one that has escaped from Dartmoor Zoo, Devon. See SWNS story SWLYNX; A lynx is on the loose in the English countryside after digging its way out of its new zoo enclosure. The animal had only been delivered to Dartmoor Zoo near Plymouth, Devon, the night before it disappeared. Staff discovered it was missing when they checked to see how it was settling into its new home yesterday (Thur). Thirty staff and volunteers extensively searched the 33-acre zoo's grounds and concluded it had managed to escape.

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