Stories of revolt

This page hosts a collection of stories of rebellion and escapes put into action by non-human slaves who flee from slaughterhouses or farms, who rebel against the conditions of exploitation imposed on them in circuses and zoos etc.10299935_1507722106117877_4546492977299643111_n

(italian version)

Anyone who comes across news of this kind, appearing in newspapers or elsewhere, can report it by writing to:

resistenzanimale [at]


We have collected the testimonies received so far, subdividing them in various ways:

Animals who escape

Animals who attack their oppressors

Animals who ask for help

It is also possible to search for testimonies via the context of the exploitation:

Rebellion in the circus

Rebellion in zoos

Rebellion in farms and slaughterhouses (or during transport)

Rebellion in vivisection labs

Other areas

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